Electronic Sales Note

Electronic Sales Notes are administered directly within Sea Compliance ensuring the new electronic reporting requirements are dealt with as straight forward as possible. All electronic sales note activity is recorded in a transaction log. The transaction log documents all sales note submissions and corresponding acknowledgments for sales note checks, adding sales notes, amending sales notes and withdrawing sales notes.

Sales note acknowledgments are processed, examining their status for acceptance or rejection notifications. Sea Compliance inspects any rejection error codes and specifically highlights problematic data to the user on the input form the data was originally entered. This enables users to make corrections to the original data and ensures any changes are accounted for in subsequent settlements, invoices and reports.

Submission Technology

Sea Compliance submits electronic sales notes using the UK fishery agency’s Electronic Reporting System (ERS). To achieve the level of Sales Note integration within the application, Sea Compliance uses the Application Programming Interface (API). The API provides many additional features over the other electronic submission methods. Read more about ERS Explained.

Data Validation

In addition to the data validation performed locally when the auction data is entered to the system, Sea Compliance provides a secondary validation check prior to the submission of sales notes. The pre submission validation uses the ERS API ‘Sales Note Check’.

The routine validates the underlying data structure and content, returning information indicating whether the sales note is accepted or rejected and reasons for the rejection.

When a 'Sales Note Check' indicates the sales note has failed validation, Sea Compliance processes the error details and wherever possible highlights the data in question and presents a description of the error. This enables a user to investigate the error and take corrective action prior to making the actual sales note submission.

01No re-entering of data for electronic sales note submission.

02Import all the industry classification codes for sale notes direct from the fishery agency's ERS web service.

03Sales Notes are validated prior to submission, enabling corrective action where necessary..

04Integrated Sales Note submission and acknowledgement processing within the application. (No email attachments).

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