Auction Management

Sea Compliance’s Auction Management automates and simplifies many essential yet time-consuming routine processes, freeing your resources.

The compliance requirements imposed on auction sales are repetitive and tedious. Auction Management provides efficient data capture and wherever possible data is validated at the point of input.

Landing Dockets & Sales Notes

The majority of data is captured when posting auction details. Data entered for auctions is used to generate auction landing dockets and sales note. The cumulation of landings is used to generate vessel settlements, buyer invoices and other reports such as SeaFish levy reports. Any other expenses charged against a vessel or a buyer can also be reported for whatever timespan required.

The Auction Management module also administers the submission and acknowledgment of electronic sales notes. Read more about Electronic Sales Notes

Basic Vessel Settlement

The Auction Management module provides basic features for defining and accounting for direct vessel expenses. Direct expenses comprise of items such as auctioneer's commission, landing dues and PO dues. On generating a vessel settlement the system automatically deducts direct expenses from the vessel's landing income.

There is an optional Vessel Settlement module which gives additional functionality to define, account and manage comprehensive vessel settlements. Read more about Vessel Settlement module.

Buyer Order Management

Managing buyer orders from Sea Compliance is straightforward. The system presents the user with only the buyers who have amounts outstanding and require invoicing. When invoicing, the system automatically calculates and adds the market dues and SeaFish Levies to the invoice.

01Simple vessel settlement management; on generating a vessel settlement the system automatically deducts landing dues, PO Dues and auctioneer's commission.

02Simple buyer orders management; when invoicing, the system automatically adds the market dues and Seafish Levies to the invoice.

03Exports Vessel Settlement & Buyer Invoices to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF.

04Look up and import vessels and registered buyers & sellers from the ERS web service.

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