The Sea Compliance solution is scalable; the application can be run as a single stand alone installation or as a multi user client server installation. Choosing the right configuration for your business is based on a variety of factors; such as the number of concurrent users accessing the database, your existing hardware structure and any additional integration you require.

Sea Compliance can be installed and configured in a variety of ways. We can discuss your requirements and suggest a suitable configuration for your needs.

Project Management

As part of the implementation of Sea Compliance we offer a full turnkey solution with Project Management to ensure a successful delivery. Minimising the risk of disruption to your business is critical. By utilising best practices we can provide a full project management plan with key milestones. Regular updates and debriefs with you and other stakeholders within your organisation during implementation ensure complete visibility of progression. From sourcing and implementation of required hardware through data migration, testing and then going live, we will be at your side to ensure a smooth and successful project.

Data Migration

As part of the project management we can migrate data form your current system to Sea Compliance.

Stationery Branding

Sea Compliance produces a variety of documents including invoices, settlements and reports. We can assist you in incorporating your branding and business identity within the documents for print and export to PDF.

Application Integration

Please contact us with any questions you have on integrating Sea Compliance with your existing systems.

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Sea Compliance

  • Easy to use
  • Industry compliance support
  • Electronic sales note
  • Comprehensive vessel settlements
  • Flexible pricing


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